Terms & Conditions


Our Purchase Terms and Conditions must be read and signed when placing your purchase order. Upon confirmation of your purchase order, Staunton&Studds account details will be sent and full payment must be received in the Staunton&Studds account before production. Due to the use of third party shippers (UPS and USPS), Staunton&Studds has no control over third party shipping errors or delays. Therefore, under no circumstances does Staunton&Studds guarantee exact delivery dates or times, for custom products. The buyer will be informed of the approximate delivery timetable and of any delays in delivery. Staunton&Studds does not accept any penalty for delays experienced due to shipping company difficulties.


All custom orders are shipped via UPS unless otherwise specified at no additional charge to the customer. Shipping our products to any country or territory outside of the United States will incur an additional charge.


Staunton&Studds warranties its custom products by offering to remake or replace any custom product that has been determined by our factory to have defects in manufacturing within thirty (30) days of the delivery date of said custom product. These defects are defined as those caused by manufacturing mistakes. Staunton&Studds requires written notice of claims of defects in your custom product through email or written notification. Upon receipt Staunton&Studds will determine a course of action commensurate with our policy. If it is determined that a manufacturing error has occurred, your custom product will be re-manufactured at no cost to you.

Staunton&Studds does not accept returns, nor provide refunds or exchanges for custom made products under any circumstances. The buyer has received a digital proof of ordered product in its finished form. This proof is an artist’s rendition and interpretation of the custom product based on the instructions received from the buyer. The buyer has reviewed this proof for accuracy; including spelling, size, and color usage. Custom made products are crafted from costly raw materials and manufactured to the buyer’s individual specifications. These products cannot be restocked or sold to another party at a later date. Once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed or canceled. There are no exceptions. An order is placed when the customer returns a signed purchase order form, via email, fax, or post. Once an order has been confirmed, and therefore placed, it cannot be canceled or changed.