Replica Human Skull Mammoth Ivory Cufflinks


Memento Mori Genuine Mammoth Tusk Ivory is at least 10,000 years old.

Dimensions: Height of carved cufflink: 20 mm; Depth: 15 mm. Silver chain.

SKU: 000002


Replica Human Skull Memento Mori jewelry is a stylish reflection of an inherent truth: we are all mortal. The skull and crossbones emblem plays a prominent role in the iconography of the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, and various secret societies and fraternal organizations. The symbol of Memento Mori ought to constantly remind us that life is fleeting and that we have little time to complete our Great Work.

The skull and crossbones are traditionally associated with the Latin phrase Memento Mori, meaning “Remember your mortality” or “Remember: you shall die.” The Roman attitude toward the inevitability of death was, since life is short, it must be lived and enjoyed to the fullest before it ends. This sentiment was also expressed in the well known phrase “carpe diem,” or “seize the day.”

The skull and bones motif is used by several Masonic bodies in the Chamber of Reflection, a small room containing a chair and a table adorned only with a lit candle, a skull and cross bones, an hour glass, pen and paper, and certain profound writings on the wall. The initiate is asked to meditate in silence upon his most basic beliefs in order to uncover his original and true inner self, the alchemists’ Gold or Philosopher’s Stone.

To celebrate the birth of our new company Staunton&Studds offers an appropriate emblematic reminder of that mysterious force of life and death that transcends the natural elements, the four seasons, the swiftly passing generations and the rise and fall of all commercial and political empires.


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