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Our purpose is to produce fine gentlemen’s fashion that blends traditional standards of quality and taste with current fashion sensibility. We began our costume and haberdashery journey working with a prominent venue in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. After working with the most ancient and preeminent company of craftsmen of our trade in England, and becoming thoroughly conversant with the Ps and Qs of Old World gentlemen’s fashion, we struck out on our own to found a uniquely cosmopolitan “Brave New World” brand.

Our company’s rare perspective of men’s fashion is based on years of successful retail experience in the Washington, D.C. area and custom design for clients all over the United States. We have designed and produced for prominent East Coast government institutions, historic sites, retailers on Fifth Ave in Manhattan and American celebrities. Our policy is to build mutually satisfying, long-term business relationships. We cater to all manner of clients with a demand for professional service and world-class quality.

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The LUX Line, Symbolic Fashion The founders of Staunton&Studds have been involved many years with a number of religious and fraternal organizations. Our company has authoritative experience in the Western esoteric tradition and in sharing it with experts, organization members, and the public at large. Informed by a knowledge tradition that stretches for over two millennia across Orient and Occident, our symbolic line is centered upon the symbolic mystical system of inner alchemy. This background allows our company to understand and create a classic aesthetic design with custom heraldry and meaningful symbolism.